14th March Newsletter

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12 March, 2021

Front and Center

 Last week, TV presenter Samantha Armytage quit her long-running position as co-host of Seven's Sunrise program. In doing so she quoted advice from her late mother: "Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly; it’s your masterpiece after all". We would assert that our life is God's masterpiece, not our own. But it's undeniable we have a big role to play as stewards of that masterpiece, ensuring that the 'Artist's edits' are implemented as the narrative is developed. We need to spend time regularly with God and allow Him to challenge and remake us in His image.


Our current season of stewardship is a good opportunity to spend time in reflection. What is God trying to do around me, and am I using my time effectively to help? Do I have a skill or a passion in a particular area - does God want to use that? Do I have financial resources that could be deployed to grow the Kingdom of God? These are difficult and probing questions, but nevertheless an important part of our Christian discipleship.


Christian discipleship is not a solitary journey, so part of our stewardship time is focused on how we can collectively resource the work of God's Kingdom through the local Church. Thank you for your ongoing generosity in supporting Emmanuel's mission and outreach. It's exciting to be part of a Christian community which wants to share Jesus in a real and relevant way.  


This week we also have some important decisions to make about our Tiny Town child care and kindergarten - a mission of our church for almost 50 years. The regulatory framework for child care centres has changed drastically over the last decade, and as such it's no longer practical for us to manage the centre with Church volunteers. The Synod's proposed management structure should allow us to develop our community and missional connections but without the administrative burden. Thank you to the team that's worked so hard on the management transition over the last few months.

Nathan Robertson

Church Council Chairperson

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1st April Newsletter

Front and Center

Easter has arrived. Easter is the most important festival on the Christian calendar. This year as we enter under the shadow of the COVID 19 pandemic and another community lock-down we are reminded of the dangerous and uncertain nature of our world. The world that Jesus was born into and lived in was equally dangerous and uncertain. Dangerous to the point of death. A horrible, lingering death on the cross. But it did not stop there. As much as we are people of the cross, we are even more people of the resurrection. We can not stop at the cross. Either on a personal or global scale, sometimes we allow ourselves to get overwhelmed and distracted by the events of the world. But we can not stay there. We must continue to remind ourselves that we are people of the resurrection. That we believe in hope, we believe in miracles. We believe in new life. That we have hope and that hope is based and grounded in Jesus Christ. Easter is our most sacred time of the year because it speaks more than any other time into how God addresses the human condition and defeats the powers and principalities of this world. It is at times like this that we need to remember the power of Jesus to overcome the powers of darkness and despair. Death is not the end but is a new beginning (! Cor 15:55-7). How we approach the world, how we look ahead depends on our perspective. We must hold onto the hope and new life that the resurrection brings.

Brian Hoole


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28th March Newsletter.

Front and Centre

This week we are celebrating Tiny Town our Kindergarten and Childcare Centre. Or rather we are celebrating the work of hundreds of people who have been a part of Tiny Town for over 47 years. From the staff, committee members and children and their families Tiny Town has been a part of the local community since 1974. There have been hundreds of people who have given thousands of hours of volunteer service as well as staff who built strong relationships with the children and their families. Commencing at Mitchelton where it served the community for over 20 years before moving across to Enoggera Tiny Town has provided an important opportunity for the church to be involved and engaged with families with young children. The changes for Tiny Town to come under Synod oversight frees the Emmanuel congregation to be more focussed and intentional about the relationships we build with the families of Tiny Town children. Whatever activity we have, be it Tiny Town, Boys or Girls Brigade, Community Helping Hand, they only provide the opportunity for us to build relationships. True mission only happens through relationships. As Tiny Town moves to a new era I am excited about the missional opportunities this provides. Tiny Town started because people saw a community need and responded. I am grateful for all who through the 47 years have seen the opportunities and responded and pray that we will continue to have people who will build relationships and respond to opportunities so that Tiny Town will continue to be seen as a mission of Emmanuel. To all of those who have played significant roles in getting us to this point, thank you, and let us pray for the future.

Brian Hoole


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