7th February 2021 Newsletter

Front and Centre

Last week I was reminded once again of why I am so glad to be here at Emmanuel. The strength of any church is its people, and last week as we commissioned our elders and our group leaders and our volunteers in our various ministries and groups I could see the strength of our church. It is great to work with amazing people as they respond to the call of God in their lives and express that through their daily living, and through their involvement within the Christian community. Last year was a challenging year and many things were put on hold. As a result many things were paused. As we enter this year it is time to hit the play button. The issues of COVID will continue to be with us, and I doubt that a vaccine will change that very much, as we will always be trying to respond to the latest variant or mutation. The result is that we are entering the new normal and as a church we want to tackle that proactively. 

The Church Council and Ministry Team have met over the last 2 Fridays doing a disciple making seminar. The question we are grappling with is how we create a disciple-making culture within this new normal that COVID has given us. We want to re-launch our small group ministry through lent and will be encouraging people to form into groups either face-to-face or on-line or a hybrid of both. 

As Sunday school resumes it is exciting that we have more children, and as a result need more leaders, what an awesome problem. The way we band together and work together and share ministry together is the strength and potential that we have. As we keep a clear sense of purpose and vision, as we remain focussed on developing a disciple making culture, as we seek God’s wisdom and direction, we will flourish and grow as the church God is calling us to be. This is not an unrealistic dream but it is grounded in our own experience of the Holy Spirit working in and through us. 

As I said I was excited last week as so many people were affirmed and commissioned into roles, and our desire for the Holy Spirit to bless and lead us in those roles. Friends it will be an interesting year, and one that I believe that God will bless and use us.




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